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Modern, Engine-Based, Open Source CMS for Rails 5+

About the project

This project is an open source initiative which was started by Ilya N. Zykin. With this project I'm going to show some of my ideas about how a modern CMS may look. This CMS has to be made of a couple of Rails Engines. Because Rails Engines is a great way to split a monolith Rails application into the parts and to make a code base better maintainable.
I'm going to create some Rails Engines within this project. Each Rails Engine will provide a some part of a functionality. The main idea of the project, after this project is finished anyone may reuse not only the main project, but also any separated part of the CMS.
For example, it's make no sense to re-implement User Profile functionality for a new RoR project if we already have gem 'user_room' from TheOpenCMS. User Room gem provides all typical actions for a user's profile. Log In / Sign Up, Log in via Social Networks, Uploading an avatar image, Cropping and so on.
Also I've started this project, because I believe - Content Is Everything! That is why I'm going to create new one amazing CMS on Rails.


This project out-of-the-box uses the following services, tools and technologies:
Digital Ocean
Rails 5.1.rc1+
Rails Engines
Rails Unobtrusive JS
Rails Sprockets
Exception Notification
New Relic
Google Analytics
Yandex Metrika
Let's Encript
* All Names, Logos and Trademarks are used just for information purposes. All rights belongs to their respective owners.

Current state of the Project

Right now just an early release is available. The project is still under an active development. The project provides just simple functionality for a user's profile. I still try to find optimal ways to provide a good decomposition of the project and ways to provide a good customization of the CMS.
To be aware of the current state you can take a look at ChangeLog and Project pages

How can I help?

  1. The project requires for testing. It would be great if you check a functionality of a user's profile and create an issue on github if you find a problem. Just try sign up / login. Try to connect your profile to social networks, update your password and so on. Any new issue on github helps.
  2. Stars and forks on github are welcome always. Don't hesitate to provide some moral support. It's really important for any open source initiative. Thanks!
  3. If you find any typo or grammar mistake, if you can improve some copies of docs, please, let me know. Issues on github are welcome.